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AS Media Distribution presentation


FILM 4 Case Study


Film 4 Case Study

AS Media Film industry presentation

As promised presentation uploaded

Key Points

Article on Media fairness & Regulation for A2

MEDIA FAIRNESS: Regulation, Diversity, Reality

Censorship & Regulation

AS Audience & Institutions Mock questions

Try to answer these questions, they are not actual past questions but they are of the ilk!

1: Discuss the effects of new media technology on the distribution practises of an industry you have studied

2: Discuss the emergence of cross-media convergence and the issues it raises for an industry you have studied

3: Explain the impact of new production practises in an industry you have studied

4: Global institutions dominate the media industry how does this affect the audience of an industry you have studied?

5: Audience expectations have increased with the introduction of new media technology explain the impact of this on an industry you have studied

6: Media consumers are now submerged in the digital revolution how has the way we consume media products affected an industry you have studied?

Try to answer the above questions spending no more than 30 mins on each one,
Good luck !


Media Regulation workbook

A2 Media, follow the above link and read the documents completing the activities as you go.

There is also a series of posts on here now that you must open and read for your rebision please



AS A & I Revision guide

AS Media Studies A & I revision guide