Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A2 Audience Theory re-cap

You all seem to have forgotten our earlier work on the other theories after the test last lesson go through this please!!

Audience Theory

AS Media Studies 'Casualty' - Disability/physical ability

Discuss how this extract constructs a representation of Disability/physical ability

Use the same format as the previous post and look at the four key technical areas
1: Editing
2: Camerawork
3: Sound
4: Mise-en-scene

AS Media TV Drama extract 'Blackpool'

Discuss the ways in which this extract from 'Blackpool' constructs a representation of Gender & Regional identity.

Watch it four times looking at the following technical areas for each viewing
1: Camerawork
2: Editing
3: Sound
4: Mise-en-scene

Do not expect each area to offer a wealth of examples, some areas will give more examples than others.

Aim to write at least a paragraph for each area
(A paragraph = approx seven sentances, one point per paragraph and remember - P.E.E. point, example, explanation.)