Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Excellent film-making techniques tutorial

Watch this & learn

OCR 180 Degree rule

OCR Image editing tutorial

OCR Camera movements tutorial

OCR Camerawork tutorial

SE7EN Opening

Watch this and use the following framework for analysis

  • What text / graphics were used for the titles and do they connote the genre/narrative/mood?
  • What images are used, moving or still? Real or animation?
  • What colours are used? What atmosphere/mood do they connote?
  • What sound is present? Theme tune? Narration? Ambient sound? Diegetic/ non-diegetic, synchronous/ non-synchronous?
  • Editing techniques – continuity, match on action, cross-cutting, pace, match with sound/narration?

Functions and elements of a Title

Film Opening title Sequence project
The function
The function of an opening title sequence to a film is to establish the visual style of the film and to introduce the viewer to all or some of the following:
• Characters
• Location
• Narrative/Plot
• Genre
• Themes

The Elements
Typically, an opening sequence will contain:
• Details of cast and crew.
• The film's title.
• An introduction to character or character type.
• Indication of place.
• Indication of historical period.
• Information regarding mood and tone.
• Introduction to signature theme tune.
• Information about genre.
• Questions that the viewer finds intriguing.
• Patterns and types of editing that will be echoed in the remainder of the film.
• Mise en scene and cinematography that will be echoed or elaborated upon later in the film