Sunday, 13 March 2011

Uses and gratifications theory

Denis McQuail (1987) – Uses and Gratifications Theory

 satisfying curiosity and general interest
 finding out about relevant events and conditions in
 immediate surroundings, society and the world
 learning; self-education
• seeking advice on practical matters or opinion and decision choices
 gaining a sense of security through knowledge

Personal Identity
 finding reinforcement for personal values
 finding models of behaviour
 identifying with valued other (in the media)
 gaining insight into one's self

Integration and Social Interaction
 gaining insight into circumstances of others; social empathy
 identifying with others and gaining a sense of belonging
 finding a basis for conversation and social interaction
 having a substitute for real-life companionship
 helping to carry out social roles
 enabling one to connect with family, friends and society

 escaping, or being diverted, from problems
 relaxing
 getting intrinsic cultural or aesthetic enjoyment
 filling time
 emotional release
 sexual arousal